I’m really excited today, not only because it’s a Friday, but because I get to attend this event tomorrow called Market Days. I’m still new to the Florida area, and still getting used to this southern culture. What I find the hardest is the lack of artistic inspiration. I know what you’re thinking. You can find inspiration no matter where you live. Although, this is true I would like to respectfully disagree. Why, you ask? It’s because I find my inspiration from the theater life, concerts on the streets, high-fashion, and being surrounded by numerous creative communities. I have yet to find those things continuously surrounding me here in northern Florida. Don’t get me wrong, the people are nice, the surroundings are beautiful and green, but they only set aside one day out of the month to embrace the artistic realms! What is this? It’s called “First Friday.” You don’t need to know anymore information.

Up north every day was an opportunity to explore and challenge the funky and crazed artistic minds. There’s workshops, galleries, gatherings, seminars, and my favorite the artists of the streets. It’s hard for me to grow or get inspired without constantly being challenged creatively with the people that surround me. It’s up to me to push myself (which is not a problem), but sometimes you want some competition!

My downfall is that I cannot find the creative community here. Well, the community I’m used to anyway. So, I must turn to the internet. Although this has saved me from falling into a creative black hole, it’s still not  the same as leaving lunch to go visit a friend on Washington Square Park, and have it turn into a performance, which then leads my blood to pump, and feel alive. My excitement would then get carried into my work and so on. You can only find so much inspiration in the URL’s I’m force to dabble in. So, how can I change all this instead of sitting here and complaining about my fear of entering the creative black hole? I find events like Market Days and hope, no I pray, they will lift my creative spirits out of its tired funk. So, Market Days…I have high hopes for you! Maybe I will find some cool Christmas gifts!